9 Ways to Fit in Fitness (even when you have no time)

9 Ways to Fit in Fitness

You know what I hate the most? EXCUSES

Wait, wait, wait you don’t have time, or you just don’t care about it enough?

Your health and fitness isn’t a priority to you?

That is basically what you’re telling me when you make the EXCUSE that you DON’T HAVE TIME.

I am sorry maybe I am being too real right now, but this might be the smack in the face, or wake up call YOU NEED. So that you can say, hey I DO HAVE TIME!

Your health & fitness should be your #1 PRIORITY.

And now you’re like well no Nikki my kids are my #1 priority!!

But okay, tell me what your kids are going to do when you don’t have your health and your sick and tired.

When you have no energy to play with your kids, hell to even do the things you want to do for your kids.

Exactly so no, your #1 Priority should be your health & fitness, PERIOD.

So that you CAN be there for your kids!

Now just in case you still believe “you don’t have the time”, let me give you 9 ways to FIT, FITNESS into your life.

WAKE UP EARLIER this may not work for everyone but it is definitely worth a shot. If your kid is like mine, he has an automatic clock that goes off the second you get up so it never works. However, I have included my son in my morning workouts before, if I believe that is the only time I will be able to work out.

GO TO BED LATER So you’ve put the kids to bed for the night and now you’re getting ready to watch your favorite T.V. series in peace. Go ahead turn it on but workout while you do it. If you look on Pinterest they probably even have a great workout to go with the T.V. show. Greys Anatomy is my all time favorite T.V. Show and I know pinterest is full of “Greys Anatomy Workouts” for you to try! Check out this awesome workout from the blog “eyeliner wings, and pretty things”.If you really don’t want to workout while you watch your T.V. show then go ahead and get a 30 minute workout in first and then feel really accomplished when you sit down to watch your T.V. show.

CALENDAR or PLANNER  I am totally the planner queen. I write down everything I need to do for the day, when it needs done, and the amount of time I am going to give myself to get it done. It might sound crazy but hey I get my shit done. Try it out, schedule in your workouts along with everything else you have going on that day and feel a really accomplished as you go through the list and check off your daily accomplishments 1 by 1. Plus it is a great reminder to get it done.

TRY 5 MINUTES when you go on your lunch break walk around the building for 5 minutes. Fit it in somehow! Walk for 5 minutes, then try 10 minutes, eventually you will get up to the 30 minute mark and so on, and hopefully you will have formed a new habit!

DELEGATE, DELEGATE, DELEGATE If your kids are old enough delegate some chores to them so that you have more time for YOU, meaning you have more time to workout. If they aren’t old enough, sit your husband down, tell him your goals, and ASK him if he can help you out with a few chores so that you can have an extra 30 minutes to an hour to work on YOU. Tell him how this will BENEFIT him.

MAKE $$ YOUR MOTIVATION luckily in my area we have a gym that gives you a discount each month that you visit the gym 12x or more. Look for a gym like that, if you don’t have one in the area still think about the money you will be throwing out the window if you get a gym membership and never visit the gym, or even if you got those workout DVDs but you never use them. Use money to motivate you to DO MORE!

WORK IT IN so the kids want to play in the backyard or go to the park, go out with them for 30 minutes and join in on the running around. Whatever you’re doing that you feel too busy make a workout out of it. Need to clean the house? Turn on some music and dance around the house as you’re working out. Cooking dinner or baking with the kids turn on the music and have a dance party. Dancing around the house for just an hour could burn anywhere from 200-600 Calories and can you imagine if you’re lifting and holding those babies of yours?

WORKOUT PARTNER find a workout partner. Someone who will keep you motivated and accountable. Maybe that person is your significant other, and here is just one more way you can bond with each other. And the bonus is that most gyms have daycare’s to take your kids to while you and your significant other workout together and at no extra cost to you (well except the gym membership fee that you already pay for)!

DITCH YOUR RIDE okay so this one isn’t always possible but if it is warm enough and you don’t necessarily need your car and live close enough to your location then WALK rather than drive. Right after my son was born my husband and I lived in an apartment complex that had a Walgreens less than a block away, whenever we needed something small or just wanted to rent from the RedBox instead of driving we would push the stroller over there, it was a pretty great workout!

Now you shouldn’t have any excuses for not getting your workout in.

The next time someone asks why you haven’t been working out your only answer WILL be “because it isn’t a priority“.

I know I am being a little harsh, but it is just the truth. Try saying it isn’t a priority and watch the way your mind changes shift and instead of brushing it off as “whatever” you now feel a little guilty for it!

Try making fitness & health a priority because IT IS  a priority, especially when you’re a mom who has to chase kids around all day and who wants to be here for them as they grow!

Leave me a comment below and share how you plan to start fitting fitness into your life!


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